Welcome to Planet-Cosplay's Photo Scavenger Hunt! 


Denver Comic Con is an incredible cosplay experience for Denver and we want the cosplay to extend to the rest of downtown, not just the convention center. Here's the deal. Take a picture of someone in costume in front of, next to, or otherwise posing around the following subjects along the 16th Street Mall.


Text your pictures to @Planet_Cosplay with the hashtag #ComicCrawl with a few words as to the subject.


We have an iTunes card for the one with the most points so check in with us at our community fan table near registration on the main floor lobby of the convention center. 


The main point of this, other than just having fun, is to get cosplayers walking up and down the 16th Street Mall. You see, every October Denver has a huge Zombie Crawl with 20 thousand zombies parading along the mall. I am sure that we can have a ComicCrawl every year during DCC that rivals Zombie Crawl!


Most of all, have a blast in downtown Denver this weekend!


Scavenger Hunt Items! Pictures of cosplayers at the following subjects!

  1. at the D&F Tower

  2. next to the built in chess tables along 16th Street Mall (with players or playing at an empty table)

  3. playing or standing next to one of the painted pianos along 16th Street Mall

  4. by a mall shuttle (bonus for a cosplayer inside a mall shuttle.

  5. in front of the Hard Rock Cafe (with the guitar sign in the background)

  6. in front of the Paramount Cafe

  7. in front of 5280 Burger Bar (in the Denver Pavilions first floor)

  8. next to a street musician

  9. next to a hot dog or any other type of cart

  10. next to a horse drawn carriage (bonus points for riding in the carriage)

  11. in front of the Tilted Kilt

  12. in front of Illegal Pete's